Member Organizations

What does membership in CoPS mean?

Support the mission of CoPS: to advance child health through communication and collaboration within its network of pediatric subspecialties and allied organizations. Support the vision of CoPS: all pediatric subspecialties working together for optimal child health. Increase subspecialty visibility in the pediatric community. Vet, synthesize, articulate and influence the outcome of shared issues of importance with other leaders of the pediatric community. Promote your subspecialty and its work. Participate in the CoPS spring and fall meetings. Discuss and vote on pertinent issues in the pediatric subspecialty community The CoPS annual membership (dues) year is July 1 – June 30.

Allied Pediatric Organization Members Sustaining ($10,000 or more)

American Board of Pediatrics (ABP)
(Representative: Suzanne Woods, David Turner)
Association of Medical School Pediatric Department Chairs (AMSPDC)
(Representatives: Douglas Carlson, Steven R. Seidner)
Association of Pediatric Program Directors (APPD)
(Representatives:  Rebecca Blankenburg, Jennifer Duncan)

Supporting ($5,000 – $9,999)

Contributing ($2,500 – $4,999)

Academic Pediatric Association (APA)
(Representative: Juliana Nichols, Louis Bell)

American Academy of Pediatrics
(Representative: Anne Edwards)

Council on Medical Student Education in Pediatrics (COMSEP)

(Representatives: Joseph Gigante, April Buchanan)


Specialty/Subspecialty Representatives ($750/rep)

Academic Generalist Academic Pediatric Association (APA)
(Representatives: Juliana Nichols, Louis Bell)

Adolescent Medicine Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine (SAHM)
(Representatives: Sarah Pitts, Cynthia Holland)

Allergy and Immunology American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (AAAAI)
(Representatives: Kenneth Paris, Rebecca Scherzer)

American College of Allergy and Asthma & Immunology (ACAAI)
(Representative: Vivian Hernandez-Trujillo)

Society of Pediatric Cardiology Training Program Director
(Representative: David Brown)

Cardiology Section of AAP (Representative: Rob Ross)

Child Abuse Helfer Society
(Representative: Mary Moffatt)

Critical Care Pediatric Section, Society of Critical Care Medicine
(Representatives: Angela Czaja, Rajit K. Basu)

Dermatology Society for Pediatric Dermatology (SPD)
(Representative: Christina Boull)

Developmental and Behavioral Society for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics (SDBP)
(Representatives:  Jill Fussell, Bob Voight)

Emergency Medicine AAP Section on Emergency Medicine
(Representative: Chris Kennedy)

Endocrinology Pediatric Endocrine Society (PES)
(Representatives: Tandy Aye, Jennifer Barker)

Gastroenterology No. Amer Soc for Pediatric Gastroent, Hepatology and Nutrii (NASPGHAN)
(Representatives: Melvin B. Heyman, Cary Sauer, Sabina Ali)


AAP Section on Hematology/Oncology
(Representative: Cynthia Wetmore)

American Society of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology (ASPHO)
(Representative: Scott Borinstein)

Pediatrician-Scientist Training & Development Program        (Representative: Audrea Burns)

Hospitalist The Consortium of Pediatric Hospital Medicine
(Representatives: Laura Brower, Erin Shaughnessy)

Infectious Diseases Pediatric Infectious Disease Society (PIDS)
(Representative: Angie Myers)

Neonatology Section on Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
(Representatives: Christiane E.L. Dammann, Renate Savich, Patrick Myer)


AAP Section on Nephrology
(Representative: Amy Colleen Wilson)

American Society of Pediatric Nephrology (ASPN)
(Representative: Alison Redpath Mahon)

Neurology Child Neurology Society (CNS)
(Representative: Timothy Lotze)

Pulmonary Medicine

AAP Section on Pediatric Pulmonology
(Representative: Susanna McColley)

Pediatric Pulmonary Training Directors Association
(Representative: Debra Boyer, Pnina Weiss)


AAP Pediatric Rheumatology Section
(Representative: Megan Curran)

American College of Rheumatology
(Representative: Lisa Imundo)

AAP Section on Pediatric Trainees (AAP SOPT) AAP Section on Pediatric Trainees (AAP SOPT)
(Representative: Katherine Bline)